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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bic used for?

The BIC is used in financial transactions, client and counterparty databases, compliance documents and many others, but not all BICs are connected to the SWIFT network used by banks and other institutions for financial messaging.

What is the definition of Bic?

The BIC is an 8 character code, defined as ‘business party identifier’, consisting of the business party prefix (4 alphanumeric), the country code as defined in ISO 3166-1 (2 alphabetic), and the business party suffix (2 alphanumeric).

Where is BIC headquarters located?

Our Headquarters. The BIC GROUP headquarters are located in Japan’s most prestigious business district of Marunouchi, which is in Chiyoda ward between Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace where easily accessible by train, subway or car.

What does Bic stand for in Bic pens?

The BIC acronym stands for "Business Identifier Code". The terms "swift code" and "BIC code" are used interchangeably. This code is a string of alphanumeric characters assigned to a particular bank or financial institution.

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