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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Blue Book for bicycles?

Bicycle Blue Book will help you list your bike online, as well as handle inspection and shipping for you. Soon you’ll be on your way to a new bicycle, so you can participate in all your favorite outdoor activities.

Where can I buy a blue bike in San Diego?

Bicycle Blue Book is located on 880 South. From 101 North/South, the exit is Brokaw. They are next to all the business warehouses. They have tons of bike selections.

What is the bicyclebluebook value guide?

The Value Guide is the cycling industry’s definitive valuation authority. It is built on a high-performance predictive analytics platform that uses automated machine learning to analyze and report on millions of transactions.

Where can I price my bike online?

There are several different resources to help you price your bike online, including KBB, Nada or Edmunds. Nada seems to be extremely reliable and well-respected by bicycle dealerships, as well as insurance companies. That being said, be sure to check all three before making any buying or selling decisions.

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