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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tune up a bicycle?

Follow the steps to lubricate the chain: Take the lubricant specifically made for the bike. Apply a few drops of it on the top and bottom of each chain link. With one hand, gently spin the pedals backward. With the other hand, hold the lube for the easy and quick application. Remove the excess lubricant with a rag.

How do I repair a bicycle?

Taking the Wheel off the Bicycle Use an upright bike stand to elevate the wheel while you work. Loosen the nuts on the wheel axle with a wrench. Disconnect the brakes if they’re in the way of taking off the wheel. Pull the chain out of the way if you’re removing the back wheel. Slide the wheel free from the bike.

Are electric assist bikes legally bicycles in the USA?

Yes , even though your state may not call your e-bike a motor vehicle, it will still need to obey the traffic laws. Regular bicycles have to obey traffic laws, as do people on horses, or even pedestrians. Your local state may have very definite rules as to what is an e-bike, what is a moped, and what is a motorcycle.

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