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Frequently Asked Questions

Is bigger and larger the same thing?

Bigger is mostly synonymous with larger, but many consider larger the more formal word. Also, bigger can refer to someone or something that's more popular and/or has more power or strength. The formal aspect may be why you're more likely to hear the term "greater quantity" but not "bigger quantity."

What is the definition of bigger?

adj, bigger or biggest. 1. of great or considerable size, height, weight, number, power, or capacity. 2. having great significance; important: a big decision.

Is MB bigger or KB bigger?

A MB, which is an abbreviation for a megabyte, is bigger than a KB, which is an abbreviation for a kilobyte. A megabyte is commonly understood to be equivalent to one million bytes, where a byte is equal to eight bits. Where as, a kilobyte consists of one thousand bytes.

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