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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you turn off Bing history?

Open the settings. Open Bing in your browser and then open the search engine's settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the Bing page. Turn off Bing history. Switch to the History tab and click Turn off to stop Bing from saving your future searches.

Does Bing Save Your History?

With Bing, you can save your search history on to a local folder inside Bing or to your Windows Skydrive account. Alternatively, you may send your search queries to a friend via email or publish them on your Facebook wall via Bing. You’ll need Silverlight to share queries in Bing.

How do you permanently delete Bing search history?

Go to Bing. Click on the top right button (three horizontal bars). Select Search History. You will see a Change History Settings Text. There you will see a Clear All button. Click on it to delete all bing history.

How do you stop Bing from tracking history?

1. Bing search history. Opt out here. Within your Bing profile settings, you can stop history tracking by simply clicking the Turn Off button. From this page, you're also able to selectively delete any previous Bing searches you've made.

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