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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ken Lee and who is Bing Lee?

Ken Lee (Chinese: 李光裕, Pinyin: lǐ guāng yù, 1932 – 21 December 2007) was a Chinese-Australian businessman who co-founded the Bing Lee chain of electronic stores with his father, Bing Lee.

Who are the owners of Bing Lee Electronics?

History. The business began when Bing Lee (Chinese: 李冰, Pinyin: lǐ bīng) purchased an electrical repair business in Fairfield, New South Wales, in 1957. Lee, along with his son Ken Lee (Chinese: 李光裕, Pinyin: lǐ guāng yù), transformed the repair business into an electrical product retail and repair/installation business named Bing Lee Electronics...

Which is the best Bing Lee in Australia?

Bing Lee houses the best products that are carefully selected and extensively tested. There are various electrical appliances and electrics which you can check out. experience is quick, easy, and secure. It delivers to most areas in Australia with the aid effectively. Learn about the Bing Lee specials on our website.

Where does the name Bing Lee come from?

"并力电器" means "Bing Lee Electronics", where 并力 is literally "combined power". This is the name of the store as displayed in Chinatown, Sydney. The actual name of the person, however, is surname 李, given name 冰. This is not a homophone, as the tones of the syllables are different.

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