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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I buy with Bing Lee special?

Learn about the Bing Lee specials on our website. ensuring you always get the best of everything. Whether you need TVs, computers or tablets, you can get it all at Bing Lee. devices, and cameras. You can also buy smart home systems, computer software, such as Chromecast for your TV or the Nintendo Switch or ps4. make your life easier.

How does Bing Lee delivery work in Australia?

When you purchase products online for home delivery, Bing Lee ensures your experience is quick, easy, and secure. Bing Lee delivers to most areas in Australia with the aid of carefully selected delivery services to ensure your order is received fast and effectively.

When does Bing Lee Electricals and appliances expire?

Expires 31/12/2021. See website for full T&Cs. Bing Lee has been helping customers with all of their Electrical and Appliances needs since 1957. From our beginnings, as a small electronics repair shop in Fairfield to where we are today, we're still a family business.

How to save money on Bing Lee Furniture?

With daily and weekly sales, free shipping specials, bundle deals and a rewards program, shopping with Crazy Sales is the best way to save money while buying furniture for your home. This mirror as per advertise. The mirror is steady and not wobbly.

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