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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Bing Lee stores are there in Australia?

Bing Lee died in 1987, leaving his son, Ken Lee as sole owner and Ken remained Chairman of the Bing Lee company. By 1987, Bing Lee had expanded to 11 stores. There are now over 35 stores located throughout New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, as of 2007. The company now has over 700 employees.

Who are the owners of Bing Lee Electronics?

History. The business began when Bing Lee (Chinese: 李冰, Pinyin: lǐ bīng) purchased an electrical repair business in Fairfield, New South Wales, in 1957. Lee, along with his son Ken Lee (Chinese: 李光裕, Pinyin: lǐ guāng yù), transformed the repair business into an electrical product retail and repair/installation business named Bing Lee Electronics...

How old was Bing Lee when he died?

Bing Lee was a member of Retravision NSW for a number of years before leaving and joining the Narta Group. Bing Lee opened new stores in other Sydney suburbs and across New South Wales. Bing Lee, the founder, died in 1987 (aged 79) and Ken was appointed Chairman.

Who are the surviving members of Bing Lee?

Mr Lee is survived by his wife Yenda, and two sons, Lionel and Greg. The company marked its 50th anniversary this year.

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