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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact Bing Lee for online sales?

Bing Lee Online - Sales and Support. Chat Online. Use our live chat widget below during operating hours. Phone or Email. For all Pre-Sales and Online Order Enquiries: Phone: 1300 980 399. E-mail: [email protected]

What kind of phone does Bing Lee have?

Bing Lee has the latest flagship phones and smartphones at every price point, with and without fancy bells and whistles, and with a wide range of operating systems, screen sizes, user interfaces and storage capacities. There's even an app for your mobile phone to alert you when someone's using your Ring doorbell!

What kind of personal information does Bing Lee hold?

It also describes, in general terms, the types of personal information Bing Lee holds, for what purpose and how that information is collected, used, stored and disclosed. This Policy applies to all The Customer's dealings with Bing Lee whether through Company's stores, franchisees, warehouses or websites.

Where is Bing Lee head office in Guildford?

Bing Lee Head Office Level 1, 702 Woodville Road Old Guildford 2161 NSW

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