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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Bing Translator to translate articles?

A word or phrase that is a proprietary term owned by a brand (e.g. iPod). You can use Bing Translator to translate articles.Se puede usar el Traductor de Bing para traducir artículos. Want to Learn Spanish?

How to use Google Translate to learn Spanish?

Click on Google Translate icon, then go to Extension Options, select your primary language (in my case was English, but I speak Spanish. If you are trying to learn English and your browser is in...

How does lingvanex translator work on Microsoft Edge?

Just highlight a word or phrase, click on Translate icon next to it to translate it to your language. The extension reads words and whole phrases using human-quality text-to-speech.

Is there a way to automatically translate Microsoft Edge?

The default is the language you've set for Microsoft Edge. To translate the page, click Translate . To always automatically translate from the source language, select the Always translate from [Language] check box.

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