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Frequently Asked Questions

What colleges offer a degree in biology?

Three of the largest schools offering biology bachelor's degrees include Ohio State University, the University of Florida and Arizona State University.

Why is biology a good major?

A biology major is a good choice for students who enjoy science and are particularly intrigued by living things. After graduation, a biology degree opens the door to many career possibilities.

What careers can you get with a biology degree?

College graduates with a biology degree can become research biologists, often with additional study, but they have many more options. Career choices for biology majors can include teaching science, writing about science or even becoming a veterinarian.

What to do after getting biology degree?

Consider working at the zoo and having the kind of job that rarely, if ever, requires the stuffy suit-and-tie routine. Work at a veterinary office. If the zoo isn't your thing, consider working at a veterinary office. You can put your biology degree to work while also having an interesting, engaging job.

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