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Frequently Asked Questions

What are spicules in biology?

spicule (plural spicules) A sharp, needle-like piece. (biology) Any of many needle-like crystalline structures that provide skeletal support in marine invertebrates like sponges. A needle-like mating structure found only in male nematodes. (astronomy) A jet of matter ejected from the photosphere of the sun.

What is the structure of biology?

noun, plural: structures. (1) (biology) An arrangement or organization of parts to form an organ, system, or living thing. (2) (ecology) A network or a hierarchy of interrelated parts of a system. (3) (chemistry) The molecular geometry, electronic structure and crystal structure of a chemical compound.

What is bio in biology?

(BIO) Biology. Systematic approach to the structure and function of the human body; general terminology and organization; cells and tissues; integumentary, muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems. Lab involves microscopy, the study of human anatomy via computer software and preserved specimens, and studies of physiological processes.

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