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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic genetics?

Genes are the basic unit of heredity. The genes of an individual are determined by their parent or parents. A bacteria that is born by one parent cell splitting into two cells and has the exact same genes as their one parent cell.

What is summary of genetics?

Human Genetics Summary. The branch of genetics concerned with the study of inheritance of human traits is called human genetics. An extension of knowledge of genetics applied to improve quality of human race is called eugenics.

What is genetics in biology?

Genetics is a field of biology that studies how traits are passed from parents to their offspring. The passing of traits from parents to offspring is known as heredity, therefore, genetics is the study of heredity.

What are the results of genetic testing?

Genetic testing usually refers to the analysis of DNA to identify changes in gene sequence (deletions, additions or misspellings) or expression levels. Genetic testing can also refer to the analysis of RNA to determine gene expression, biochemical tests for the presence of gene products (proteins) and for microscopic analysis of chromosomes.

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