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What is Unit 2 in biology?

Biology - Unit 2. An organism that creates organic food molecules (energy) using… An organism that cannot make its own food and gets food by con… Main energy source that cells use for their work (adenosine tr… The maintenance of a constant internal environment of an organ… An organism that creates organic food molecules (energy) using….

What are the units of biology?

(Science: biology) Unit deme, stress per unit of area; intensity of stress. It is expressed in ounces, pounds, tons, etc, per square inch, square foot, or square yard, etc, or in atmospheres, or inches of mercury or water, or the like. Origin: Abbrev.

What is a Biology Unit?

The Biology Unit was organized in May 1951 and is the largest group - to our knowledge - dedicated to the international cooperative study of biological postage stamps and related material. It is a nonprofit organization and dues are based on cost of operations, chiefly the production and mailing of Biophilately.

What is energy biology Quizlet?

What is energy in biology?, Energy is a property of objects which can be transferred to other objects or converted into different forms, but cannot be created or destroyed. Organisms use energy to survive, grow, respond to stimuli, reproduce, and for every type of biological process.

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