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Frequently Asked Questions

What is biology?

What is Biology? Biology is the natural science which studies life and living organisms, including their function, physical structure, chemical composition, development and evolution.

Why choose Brainscape for AP Biology?

The Biology pages in Brainscape are packed with flashcards from all types of learners; choose from thousands of free-to-access flashcards prepared by top academic experts as well as like-minded students. Brainscape has worked with Next Step Test Preparation to bring you the best AP Biology study guide available--perfect to ace your exams.

What are the five basic topics in cell biology?

Biology. 1 Cell Structure. Introduction to Cell Structure. Cell Membranes. Cell Differences. Intracellular Components. Review of Cell Structure. 2 Cell Respiration. 3 Cell Reproduction. 4 Molecular Biology. 5 Plants. More items

What do biology majors do outside of class?

In class, Biology majors setup experiments--and learn laboratory techniques and procedures. Outside of class though, they also need to understand scientific concepts, master scientific terminology, carry out complex mathematical and statistical computations, and learn how to present research findings.

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