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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different tools used in biology?

Molecular Biology Tools Structural-functional studies of proteins Identification of novel disease-specific markers for diagnosis. Gene therapy strategies for the treatment of human disease. Engineering cells, e.g. stem cells Engineering plants for crop improvements, pathogen resistance etc. Identify nature & treatment of viral, bacterial & fungal diseases

What is Sol in biology?

A sol is a type of colloid in which solid particles are suspended in a liquid. The particles in a sol are very small. The colloidal solution displays the Tyndall effect and is stable. Sols may be prepared via condensation or dispersion. Adding a dispersing agent may increase the stability of a sol.

What is a molecular tool?

Molecular biological tools are technologies that target biomarkers (e.g., specific nucleic acid sequences, peptides, proteins, or lipids) to provide information about organisms and processes relevant to the assessment and/or remediation of contaminants in the environment or other engineered systems.

What is curriculum in biology?

Biology Curriculum Overview. The Biology curriculum is designed to provide students with a detailed understanding of living systems. Emphasis continues to be placed on the skills necessary to examine alternative scientific explanations, actively conduct controlled experiments, analyze and communicate information,...

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