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Frequently Asked Questions

Will bitcoin keep rising?

Bitcoin's proven volatility means it is difficult to predict whether the current trend will continue, however, Cary believes that it will keep in rising in the long term. "Exponential technologies have incredible impacts on our society," Cary said. "They reimagine the world in ways that inspire and surprise us.

When will bitcoin go up?

Bitcoin price and the cryptocurrency market at large is in a state of transformation and many new ICO’s will be entering the market providing solutions to the biggest problems. It’s foreseeable the rise in Bitcoin and market capitalization will start to increase when many of these new projects go live — mid to late 2018.

Why is bitcoin going up?

There are more factors at play as to why Bitcoin keeps going up–global macroeconomic factors. Bitcoin is surging because it’s a globally accepted store of value and means of commerce, and the fixed quantity and production prevents devaluation.

What is the future of bitcoin?

So definitely, there are a lot of signs that in the future, Bitcoin will be even more used on a global scale. In 2021 prominent names like Tesla, MasterCard has not only invested in BTC, but they also announced that they would accept BTC payments. Other important brands include Twitch, Subway, Overstock, and many others.

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