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Frequently Asked Questions

What the Heck is bizops?

What the heck is BizOps? BizOps (Business Operations) as a formalized group within a company is relatively new, but the concept of maximizing the value of a company has been around for ages.

How to find companies going out of business?

There are a few different ways you can find companies that are going out of business. The first way is to check public records. Bankruptcy filings are considered a public record by law. You can access the information via your local government about companies who are going bankrupt. Another option is to check online for liquidation companies.

What are the best business opportunities?

Top 10 Business Opportunities 1. E-Learning 2. Online Referral Service 3. On-Site Computer Service 4. Direct Selling 5. Online Gaming 6. Management Consulting 7. Search Engine Optimization Business 8. Public Relations Consultant 9. Home Inspection 10. Information Professional

What are federal business opportunities?

Federal Business Opportunities commonly known as Fed Biz Ops or FBO is a free web-based portal which allows vendors to review Federal Procurement Opportunities over $25,000. Purpose: Federal Opportunities, Data Research.

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