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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is yoyuno in Black Clover?

Yuno is a deuteragonist of the Black Clover franchise. He is one of the orphans left under the care of a church located in Hage Villiage and the foster brother/rival of Asta.

Is there a wiki for Black Clover?

This wiki contains spoilers. Read at your own risk! The encyclopedia of the Black Clover series by Yūki Tabata which started serialization in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since February 16th, 2015. The Wiki's main task is to progressively collect and archive all Black Clover related materials into exclusive pages.

How does Yuno break the chain of curses?

As Yuno cuts through Gaderois and shatters the stone armor, he declares to himself that regardless of his status as a Magic Knight of the Clover Kingdom or a Prince of the Spade Kingdom, he will stop the people who have warped the world and break the chain of curses.

Why does Yuno have a clover grimoire?

Yuno has been blessed with a four-leaf clover grimoire, a sign of his unnaturally large reserves of mana, his natural talent for magic, and (supposedly) endowing him with good luck. As a Wind Magic practitioner, Yuno favors ranged combat, buffeting his opponents with magical gusts and blades made of wind.

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