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Frequently Asked Questions

When do Corsair level up in Black Desert Online?

Home MMORPG Black Desert Online [Black Desert Online] Ahoy! Thar She Levels! Corsair Level Up Rewards! Jun 29, 2021 (UTC) [Black Desert Online] Ahoy! Thar She Levels! Corsair Level Up Rewards! Jun 29, 2021 (UTC) Ahoy, Adventurers! A new class means it’s time for Level Up rewards!

What kind of Cutlass does Corsair use in Black Desert?

Wielding a fearsome cutlass with all the agility of one who’s spent her life swinging from the riggs of tall ships, Corsair is fearsome in air, land, and water. She has always called the sea her home, so she’s also a fast swimmer who’s able to remain underwater longer than any character in Black Desert.

When does Black Desert Corsair sale go on sale?

If you are ready to race across the seas with Corsair at the helm, next week is a mighty fine time to get Black Desert at a discounted price—up to 60% off— with the game’s biggest discount ever. The only thing worse than missing this deal is goin’ down to Davy Jones locker! The sale will go live on June 30.

Who is Corsair, a pirate with big dreams?

[Black Desert Online] Corsair, a Pirate with Big Dreams! Jun 23, 2021 (UTC) ‘Wait for me, world! For I’m about to claim ye as me own! Hahahaha' and the foreseeable prospects that could be afforded from it. with which she shall claim the treasures of the vast ocean. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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