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Frequently Asked Questions

How are fruits used in Black Desert Online?

These fruits are ingredients used in alchemy in Black Desert Online . Used for Skilled+ alchemy recipes, such as magic crystals or advanced potions. Fruits can be harvested from plant breeding from your fences (rarely). Specific crops will yield only specific fruits.

Is there a fruit of abundance in BDO?

A rare Fruit of Abundance that can be cultivated, but only with some difficulty. This strange fruit with an unknown power is used in Alchemy, both as an extracted essence, or as a whole. Please note that Availability table only shows if the current object implemented in the game client or not.

Where do you get fruit of abundance in RuneScape?

Fruit of Abundance. An ingredient used in Alchemy that can be obtained through farming. It can be used directly or refined into an essence for use. - How to Obtain: This alchemical ingredient can be obtained through Farming in a Garden, but only rarely.

Are there any white grade seeds in the Black Desert?

Notice the extremely low quantity of white grade seed at the Marketplace. Most of the time, high-demand, white seeds are completely sold out. Seeds are also obtained rarely through gathering. The gatherables that drop seeds is a long list that includes: Fruit Trees, Shrubs, Thickets, Dry Thickets, Bushes.

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