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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find rare plants in Black Desert?

The somethinglovely site lists this under Show Gathering Locations → Rare Plants. If you have a character with Artisan level gathering, you can simply use a hoe to gather Wild Herb (just south of Behr), which will yield the herb at a reasonable rate. Do theLost Lamb quest from Lynch ranch.

Which is the Best Accessory Set for Black Desert?

It’s not really worth it to spend anything on enhancing them, since they are quite weak, and one-sided stat-wise. The best accessory set you can use early on, is Asula’s Crimson Eye set (check it out below, in the blue grade accessories), since it provides you with a lot of easy AP, to help you clear out Mediah & Valencia quicker.

Where to find Witch's earring in Black Desert?

Show the earring left behind by the witch to Becker. Witch’s Earring (base) rare drop from Hexe Sanctuary mobs, Night Vendor, or Market. Becker is up the hill, NE of Behr. 3 +2 LT Look for the villagers who remember the incident

What are the prerequisites for Quint in Black Desert?

Prerequisites: A female horse with a Breed count greater than 0. There is no penalty for dying to Quint. If he kills you and you respawn at the closest Safe Zone, you will not lose EXP or Crystals. Purchase the random necklaces item from a repair vendor. You need a female horse with a Breedable count of 1.

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