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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Black Hills Energy working to restore power in Cheyenne?

Beginning early tomorrow morning, when it is safe to do so, Black Hills Energy’s electric crews will continue to make every effort to restore power in the Cheyenne community and surrounding rural areas. The extreme winter weather conditions in Wyoming are making it very difficult for Black Hills Energy gas crews to respond to emergency calls.

What should I do if there is an emergency at Black Hills?

Call 911, then call Black Hills Energy at 888-890-5554. Wait for Black Hills Energy or emergency personnel to arrive before re-entering the building. Emergency personnel will let you know when it’s safe to return.

Why invest in Black Hills Energy?

Over the past 10 years, Black Hills Energy has consistently been in the top quartile for investor-owned utilities in the country.

What is happening with Cheyenne's electricity?

All Cheyenne electric crews are currently dispatched and are patrolling and working to restore service in these areas. “Hazardous road conditions are currently creating challenges for our crews as they work to make repairs and restore service,” said Dustin McKen, Director of Operations for Black Hills Energy Wyoming.

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