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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a black screen?

Software Error. A simple software error is often the cause of a black screen. This most frequently occurs when dealing with a program that takes over your entire screen, such as a PC game or a media player in full-screen mode. If the program does not display video and locks up, you’ve effectively lost control of your PC.

What does a black screen mean on a laptop?

A black screen could mean a hardware failure. Computer Hope recommends sending your laptop to the manufacturer if under warranty, or a repair shop if not. The site warns that attempting to fix such a hardware issue yourself may make things worse.

How do you fix a black screen on a computer?

5 Ways To Fix A Computer With A Black Screen Fix A Black Screen #1: Check Your Cords Fix A Black Screen #2: Make Sure Your Computer Boots Fix A Black Screen #3: Try A Temporary Monitor Fix A Black Screen #4: Try An Install Disk Fix A Black Screen #5: Use A Flashlight

How do I get rid of black screen on my PC?

Steps To Get Rid of The Black Screen First Unplug each and every cable that is attached to your laptop such as charger, headphone etc. After doing this, press the power button and hold it continuously for 30 sec to 2 minutes. Then remove the battery slowly. After this couple of time replace the battery again.

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