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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a black widow represent?

Black Widow Spider. The symbolism is that the woman is wearing black to mourn the death of her husband for which she herself is responsible which is very undesirable. The symbolism of a Black Widow spider in your thoughts means that you are suffering from a strained relationship with someone in real life, and you are uncertain about its future.

What spider resembles a black widow?

"The Redback spider (Latrodectus hasselti) is a potentially dangerous spider native to Australia that resembles a Black widow spider. It is a member of the genus Latrodectus or the widow family of spiders, which are found throughout the world. The female is easily recognisable by its black body with prominent red stripe on its abdomen.

What is the symbol of Black Widow?

The appearance of black widow in a dream symbolizes a relationship discontent. In reality, the black widow spider species is famous for its vivacious females who eat their own mates. Hence, in dream symbology, it is represented as feminine authority and ascendancy over their counterparts.

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