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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the movie Black Widow a good movie?

"Black Widow" is an interesting movie struggling to escape from a fatal overload of commercial considerations. When the film is over and the lights go up, there's the strange feeling that an opportunity was lost here. First I'll describe the movie that was made, then I'll speculate on the better movie trapped inside.

What was the story of the Black Widow?

The story of "Black Widow," as told, is the kind of shallow, one-dimensional plotting we expect on television, where there are no unpleasant surprises to upset the audience. There are just enough subtle hints in "Black Widow" to suggest that certain more sinister possibilities occurred to Rafelson and Base.

Who is Alex in the movie Black Widow?

Sign in to vote. Alex is a workaholic fed who becomes convinced a female serial killer is seducing, marrying and poisoning rich men. After failing to prevent the death of a museum curator in Seattle, she follows the femme-fatale to Hawaii and manages to befriend her.

Who is the director of the movie widows?

A film with this many characters and themes and plot points requires a master editor to keep it moving, and Walker finds the perfect rhythm.

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