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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you eliminate black widow spiders?

Hunting and Killing Black Widow Spiders 1. Locate as many spider webs as you can during the day. Black Widow spiders are nocturnal, so they are inactive during... 2. Try using dust applications and liquid spot treatments. Once you know the locations of the webs, there are a couple... 3. Return to ...

What are the characteristics of a black widow?

Characteristics of the Black Widow. When mature, the body of the female black widow is about a half an inch. This does not include the legs which are long and spindly. The abdomen is rounded, jet black, and shiny.

What is a black widow killer?

'The Black Widow Killer' is an outdated story about vengeance . It has the good ol' red herring in Jason and the redundant teenage backstory of a botched-up accident. The movie is, fortunately, only an hour and a half long - perhaps the only impressive thing about it. But you're not watching 'The Black Widow Killer' to be impressed, no.

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