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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to Blackboard?

To Login to Blackboard. To sign in from the UALR homepage: Go to the UALR homepage at Click the Quick Links menu. Enter your NetID and Password. Click the Log In button.

What is the history of the blackboard?

Blackboard classroom history begins, in rudimentary form, in ancient times. Students in ancient Babylonia and Sumeria inscribed their lessons on clay tablets with a stylus (predecessor to the pen and pencil) in cuneiform writing. These could be used wet and erased to be used again, or baked to create a permanent document.

How does Blackboard Learn work?

In Blackboard Learn, you can post messages to accomplish this same task. In your f2f classroom, you ask questions to check your students' understanding of the material. In Blackboard Learn, you can ask questions in discussions, hold a Collaborate session, or ask them to take a ungraded quiz.

What is my blackboard username?

Your Blackboard username is the first initial of your first name, plus your last name, plus the last three digits of your CR ID#. The default Blackboard password for a faculty member is their 6-digit birthdate.

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