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Frequently Asked Questions

What email provider does angelangelina College use?

Angelina College uses Gmailas our email provider. If you already have a personal Gmail account, make sure you log out, before trying to log in to your AC student account.  Your AC email is the primary location where AC will communicate with you. Make sure you check your student email regularly.

Why Angelina College?

Angelina College is the first choice in value and quality education leading to diverse career pathways througout East Texas. Why Angelina? Having a 13:1 student to teacher ratio creates a individualized education for every student. Our success coaches provide stress free registration and advice on your road to success.

How do I contact Angelina it help desk?

Please email us at [email protected] for assistance. Your AC email address will be the last three digits of your student ID, first initial and last name followed by Your password will be your 8 digit birth date (MM/DD/YYYY)

What is blackboard and how does it work?

Blackboardis the Learning Management System (LMS) used by AC to house course materials and deliver online classes. You can check your grades, syllabus, assignments due, and communicate with your instructors.

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