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Frequently Asked Questions

How to log in to my GMU blackboard?

All Blackboard Courses users log in via The username is the same as your Mason NetID. The password is the same … 4. How to Log In to myMason Organization – Information … Open a web browser and type in the web address: Click on the large green Mason Bb Login button.

What can you do with blackboard as a faculty?

Blackboard allows faculty to post course materials, deliver tests, assignments, and surveys, host discussions, and facilitate many other course-related functions. You will not receive a course shell in Blackboard until you are listed as officially teaching a course in Patriot Web.

Where do I Find my external grade on Blackboard?

This External Grade displays prominently as a student’s current course grade on main “Grades” link from the Blackboard homepage left menu and in the Blackboard app. It is also used in reports available in Blackboard courses under Control Panel > Evaluation > Course Analytics.

How to use Patriot web for GMU faculty?

Patriot Web is a self-service site for students, faculty, and staff to manage their administrative records and accounts. Faculty can access the system using Patriot Pass credentials. Web:

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