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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to Blackboard?

Log in to Blackboard. Use your USCB Network Username and Password to log into Blackboard. If you do not know your USCB Network Username and Password, you can get the information through Go to Enter your Username and Password in the appropriate fields, and then click Login.

How do I access blackboard?

Access your school's BlackBoard Login page and log into your account. Click the "Courses" tab and click your course under the "Course List" section. Click "Course Documents" on the left hand side menu. Enter your Blackboard Access Key when prompted. You will only need to enter the key once.

What to do the first time you log into behind the blackboard?

What to Do the First Time You Log into Behind the Blackboard: Verify or enter your personal information. Select your default product for knowledge base searching. II. Verify and Update Your Environment Information . Behind the Blackboard allows you to store and edit information related to your institution. This information is then available for you to select and use when you enter a support case.

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