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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Blackboard Learn open to all partners?

Blackboard Learn is open to integrate, open to extend, and open to get your data—because we get that Blackboard Learn is just one part of your educational ecosystem. With our network of nearly 300 partners, you’ll have access to integrate publisher content and 3rd party tools from the most robust partner network available.

Which is the best mindset for Blackboard Learn?

With Blackboard Learn’s pedagogy-first mindset, instructors will find it easier to build courses and incorporate the right tools at the right place—in a way that best engages students and optimizes the user experience. We’re not just handing you data. Rather we surface the data that matters—when it matters most.

What can blackboard assist do for a student?

Connect students with the resources you have available for them. With Blackboard Assist, students will receive personalized support from your own institutional resources, when and where they need it. Teaching and learning never stops.

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