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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the term blacklist come from?

The Oxford English Dictionary definition of blacklist is: 'A list of the names of people, groups, etc, who have incurred suspicion, censure, or displeasure, and are typically therefore subject to a ban or other punishment.'. Its first recorded use was in early 17th century England.

What is the origin of the word blacklist?

Around 1718, blacklist was in use to indicate a list of people thought to be ‘objectionable, suspicious or in need of regular punishment’. The word blacklist related to an employer’s record of workers who were considered to be troublemakers, often as a result of their involvement in union activity, and was in use in 1844.

What does blacklist mean?

What is the Blacklist? Blacklisting is the process of denying employment to actors, directors, screenwriters, and musicians for a variety of factors. The term originated in Hollywood in 1946 when William R. Wilkerson published a column in The Hollywood Reporter listing Communist sympathizers, including Dalton Trumbo, Howard Koch, and Lester Cole.

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