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Frequently Asked Questions

How many BTUs does a Blackstone griddle have?

34,000 BTUs of Heat from Two H-Style Burners 517 Sq. Inch Cooking Surface Rolled Steel Griddle Top 2 Independently Controlled Burners with Built-in Igniter Folds up for easy... 17" Cooking Space-267 In2. Precise controlled cooking zone with a total of 12,500 BTU's.

Which is better Blackstone griddle or charcoal grill?

With the best of both Worlds, never settle again for how you want to cook with the Blackstone griddle & charcoal grill combo. The charcoal grill side is perfect for those that love the taste of the traditional outdoor cooking. The grill grate is adjustable to place it closer or further away from the coal for more control while cooking.

What can you cook on a charcoal griddle?

The griddle side is a perfect companion to the grill when sautéing vegetables, toasting buns, or making sides for your meal. The griddle is great to expand how you cook outdoors by allowing you to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner quickly and easily.

How big is a 28 " cabinet griddle?

28" Cabinet Griddle w/Air Fryer & Hood Cooking space-613 In2 Larger Capacity Air Fryer Drawer Patent Pending 4 Qt Capacity Air Fryer Drawer Two Independently... 17" Adventure Ready Tabletop Airfryer Combo Griddle 17" cooking space.

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