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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean a Blackstone griddle?

Before you start to use the Blackstone Griddle, wash the surface with clean water using the griddles heat on “high” and get rid of the dirt, food and other build-ups using your scraper. Then, pour some cooking oil of your choice on the surface, and rub it in with a cloth.

Is my Blackstone griddle surface flaking?

Most of their griddles feature a rolled carbon 7-Gauge Steel Top with a stainless-steel basting cover. So, in short, no. It’s quite improbable for your Blackstone Griddle surface to be flaking off due to rust.

What kind of griddle is the Blackstone E series?

This 17" E-Series Griddle is a brand new style from Blackstone and is perfect for any occasion, whether it be indoor or outdoor. The griddle plate is machine cast with a durable and elegant ceramic-titanium coating.

How to fix a griddle that has turned black?

Now, use it to apply oil to the surviving parts of the griddle surrounding the top surface. Be sure to clean the sides facing outward from the griddle as well. Leave the oil to cook for about 15 to 30 minutes or rest until it smokes: After turning the griddle to the max, the top plate will slowly turn black.

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