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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is BlueScope construction and what do they do?

BlueScope Construction is an experienced, national design-build general contractor specializing in the design and construction of large commercial and industrial facilities such as data centers, aircraft hangars, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers.

Where is BlueScope Steel located in the world?

BlueScope is a provider of innovative steel materials, products, systems and technologies, headquartered in Australia with operations spread across North America, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and throughout Asia.

How many BlueScope facilities are there in the world?

Our global networks are another great BlueScope strength, with more than 100 facilities in 18 countries, employing around 14,000 people serving thousands of customers.

Is there a BlueScope joint venture in India?

In India, we have established the Tata BlueScope joint venture with the highly respected Tata conglomerate, and our joint venture with Nippon Steel – NS BlueScope - has opened exciting new markets and opportunities across South East Asia and on the West Coast of the United States. Our global networks are another great strength at BlueScope.

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