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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does BlueScope Steel Ltd ( BSL ) do its business?

BlueScope Steel Limited (BSL) is a provider of innovative steel materials, products, systems and technologies, headquartered in Australia with operations spread across North America, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and throughout Asia. DPS and Yield calculations use the Pay Date.

What does BlueScope manufacture in North America?

In North America, BlueScope is engaged in the manufacturing, construction and sale of pre-engineered buildings, metal coating and painting, the manufacture of insulated metal panels and of building components.

What kind of steel does BlueScope Steel make?

BSL's Principal Activity is the flat steel producer in New Zealand, producing slab, hot rolled coil and value added coated and painted products for both domestic and export markets across the Pacific Region.

When did BlueScope take over North Star Steel?

In October 2015, BlueScope acquired the remaining 50 per cent of North Star BlueScope Steel from Cargill Inc. to move to full ownership of this business. Around 2 million tonnes of hot rolled coil are produced annually from North Star's dual electric arc furnaces, using scrap metal, pig iron and alloys.

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