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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are BlueScope buildings located in North America?

Our multi-site programs uniquely position us to support the facility expansion plans of corporations and multinational companies around the world. We build wherever business takes you. Steel buildings from BlueScope Buildings North America brands can be found throughout Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

What makes BlueScope a good place to work?

Our employee-led diversity networks, approach to flexible work and commitment to ongoing career development are integral to this effort. If you enjoy working with people who are practical, put your safety first and care about the communities in which they work, then BlueScope is the place for you.

What kind of steel is used in BlueScope buildings?

BlueScope Conventional Steel Services used sophisticated modeling technology when designing this grocery store chain’s new facility. Developed by BlueScope Properties Group, this facility is a Class A industrial business park. Butler Manufacturing™ steel building systems were utilized to construct this industry-leading office and shop.

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