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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is BlueScope Steel located in the world?

BlueScope is a provider of innovative steel materials, products, systems and technologies, headquartered in Australia with operations spread across North America, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and throughout Asia.

How big is North Star BlueScope Steel in Ohio?

Total annual capacity is approximately 446,000 tonnes of metal-coated steel products and 332,000 tonnes of painting capacity. North Star BlueScope Steel in Delta, Ohio was established in 1996, and its facilities are amongst the newest in North America, and use leading edge steelmaking technologies and processes.

What does BlueScope do in the United States?

BlueScope North America Head Office: In North America, BlueScope is engaged in the manufacturing, construction and sale of pre-engineered buildings, metal coating and painting, the manufacture of insulated metal panels and of building components. It is also involved in two joint venture businesses.

Who is the general contractor for BlueScope building?

Developed by BlueScope Properties Group, this facility is a Class A industrial business park. Butler Manufacturing™ steel building systems were utilized to construct this industry-leading office and shop. As general contractor, BlueScope Construction designed and built this airplane maintenance hangar.

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