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Frequently Asked Questions

How does BlueScope Steel use green rating tools?

Green rating tools attempt to assess the sustainability of buildings, infrastructure, materials and consumer products. They include; IS Rating Scheme. To find out more about how BlueScope steel products may enable accreditation in any of these schemes or others, contact your BlueScope Steel representative or call Steel Direct on 1800 800 789.

What is the weight calculator tool for BlueScope Steel?

The Weight Calculator tool is designed to calculate weights for products listed on made from COLORBOND®, ZINCALUME®, DECKFORM® and GALVASPAN® steel. This allows the user to convert steel coil dimensions such as steel thickness, coil width and coating mass and thickness into total tonnes, total lineal metres.

How much storage space does BlueScope Steel have?

Download Guidelines for Storage and Handling of BlueScope Steel's Products (534 KB). BlueScope Steel provides these guidelines to customers as an input into the customers' risk assessment process for storage and handling of coil, plate, sheet and long products supplied by BlueScope Steel.

Is it safe to use BlueScope Steel MSDS?

These guidelines provide only a general guide to the safe storage and handling practice for BlueScope Steel supplied products. These guidelines are subject to the Disclaimer and Conditions of Use provided on page 20. Please read the Disclaimer and Conditions of Use before using these guidelines.

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