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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do at the James Boag brewery?

The tour concludes with a guided tasting of 3 of James Boag’s exceptional lagers and ales, in our heritage listed James Boag Brewery Bar. Don’t miss your chance to experience a world class working brewery, the only brewery where James Boag beer is made, and where it has always been made.

Where is James Boag brewery in Launceston located?

The James Boag Brewery have been brewing crisp, refreshing lagers and ales on the banks of Launceston’s Esk River since 1881, and now you have the opportunity to discover what goes into producing Tasmania’s finest beer.

Who are the owners of Boag's beer company?

It is now owned by Lion, a Trans-Tasman subsidiary company of Japanese beverage conglomerate, Kirin. All of the company's beers are produced in Launceston. James Boag I arrived in Australia with his wife, Janet, and their four children in 1853 from Scotland.

When did Boag's St George lager come out?

Boag's St George – A Californian style of lager, ABV 4.2%. Launched in 2004. Production Ceased 2011. Limited re-released for the Tasmanian market March 2019. On 2 October 2019 the brewery announced they would be bringing St.George back for good starting from 15 October 2019.

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