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What did bodybuilding look like in the 90's?

What Flex and most of the 90’s golden era bodybuilders brought to the stage was a small tight waistline with great abdominals. Since the ‘mass’ game took off from the 90’s we somewhat feel that today’s bodybuilders are going for too much mass and perhaps this has gotten a little over balanced as now we see a lot of bloated mid sections.

Who are some famous former bodybuilders that have changed?

Meet 15 Former Bodybuilders Who Changed Unbelievably! 1 Paul Dillet 2 Denise Rutkowski 3 Larry Scott 4 Lou Ferrigno (aka The Incredible Hulk) 5 Günter Schlierkamp 6 Chris Cormier 7 Bob Paris 8 Kevin Levrone 9 Victor Martinez 10 Mustafa Mohammed More items...

Who is the strongest body builder of all time?

Pound for pound, Columbu may have been the strongest bodybuilder of all time. As a bodybuilder, Jackson has racked up seven victories, including first place at both the 2017 Arnold Classic South Africa and the Toronto Pro. And though he started powerlifting after bodybuilding, he was soon triumphing at both.

Who are the best female bodybuilders in the world?

List of female professional bodybuilders 1 Jennifer Abshire 2 Heather Armbrust 3 Lisa Aukland 4 Rachita Reddy Agumamidi 5 Rachana Reddy Agumamidi

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