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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bodyguard in WoW Classic?

Bodyguard is a trait only a handful of followers come with, and it can’t be rerolled or otherwise assigned to any other followers. (But we’ll talk more on bodyguard availability in a bit.)

How do you get a bodyguard in Fortnite?

To use a bodyguard, you’ll need a level 2 Barracks in your garrison. If you’re already level 100, this is a snap — even if you don’t have a Barracks already, it should be easy enough to buy the plans and get one running in short order.

How to get a bodyguard in Draenor?

Though bodyguards won’t make or break your gameplay, their help can speed up dailies and questing, making them a useful asset as you explore Draenor (or work on that Draenor Pathfinder achievement). Sound interesting? Let’s look at how to get your own bodyguard. To use a bodyguard, you’ll need a level 2 Barracks in your garrison.

How do you get Your Bodyguard to follow you everywhere?

Select the right follower and you’re almost ready to go out adventuring with your new bodyguard. Once assigned, your bodyguard will stand in front of your Barracks — just go talk to them and ask them to join you. They’ll follow you throughout Draenor, sticking with you through flight paths and mounting up whenever you do.

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