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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to wear The BodyGuardian Mini Plus?

Your physician has prescribed you the BodyGuardian Mini PLUS heart monitor and monitoring center service provided by Preventice Services to detect irregular heart rhythms. You must wear the monitor for the length of time your doctor has prescribed.

How is The BodyGuardian mini different from other cardiac monitors?

Unlike many monitors, the BodyGuardian ® MINI cardiac monitor has multiple placement options and offers you a wearable patch that can be moved and reapplied to optimize comfort and wearability. It can also be replaced during your monitoring period without jeopardizing data collection or requiring you to return to the clinic.

What is BodyGuardian mini Holter technology?

Preventice Solutions has announced the launch of the BodyGuardian Mini, the smallest, reusable long-term Holter technology available for cardiac monitoring.

Can BodyGuardian mini capture the P-wave?

Due to its small size, and its ability to be placed centrally on the chest, BodyGuardian Mini can optimally and proportionally capture the P-wave.

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