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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of "Bok"?

A body of knowledge (BOK or BoK) is the complete set of concepts, terms and activities that make up a professional domain, as defined by the relevant learned society or professional association. It is a type of knowledge representation by any knowledge organization.

What does 'Do bok' mean in Korean?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (November 2009) Dobok is the uniform worn by practitioners of Korean martial arts. Do means "way" and bok means "clothing.". The dobok is modeled on the Japanese gi, used in Judo, which was developed by Kanō Jigorō.

Where is Bok in Tulsa OK?

The Bank of Oklahoma Center (BOK Center) is an amazing indoor arena located in the heart of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Where is the BOK Center box office?

BOK Center. The 19,199 seat venue is located right at 200 South Denver in Tulsa and was built for $178 million in public funds with another $18 million in private sector upgrades. The BOK Center Tickets accommodates a large variety of events from concerts to sports. The Bank of Oklahoma Center Box Office has played host to worldwide superstars like...

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