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Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Bolivia from the US?

Distance from Bolivia to United States. Distance from Bolivia to United States is 6,802 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 4,227 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Bolivia and United States is 6,802 km= 4,227 miles.

What time zone is Bolivia in?

Bolivia Time or BOT has a UTC offset of - 4:00. This means that the time zone is 4 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time. The time zone is primarily observed by countries in South America all year round.

Is Bolivia located in Central America?

Bolivia, officially known as the Plurinational State of Bolivia, is a landlocked country located in central South America. It is bordered by Brazil to the north and east, Paraguay and Argentina to the south, Chile to the southwest, and Peru to the west.

What is the local time in Brazil?

Brazil time zones shows a region in the Brazil that has uniform standard time or same local time. Brazil Time zones are computes as an offset from UTC or Greenwich Mean Time. Brazil Time Zones's local time is UTC minus the current time zone offset. Brazil is located in South America.

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