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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are bollards for?

One of the more common historical uses of bollards was to provide a place to tie off boats when they were docking. While this is still in practice today, most parking bollards are used for street purposes, especially for bicycle parking.

Do bollards need to be filled with cement?

Well yes, I know bollards are always filled with concrete. That gives the steel pipe resistance to local buckling, so that full bending capacity based on the section modulus mutiplied by .66Fy can be used. Also, the concrete gives a bit of inertia during impact.

What is the minimum height for a bollard?

Bollards should be a minimum height of 40 inches and minimum diameter of 4 inches. Striping an envelope around the approach to the post is recommended as shown below, to guide users around the object.

What are bollards and barriers?

Bollards, barriers and low fences act as natural demarcation of an area. They also serve to regulate access for motorists in cities, in squares and parks and in the vicinity of public buildings or private businesses.

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