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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Bor stand for?

Board of Representatives (various organizations) BOR Borough BOR Board Of Regents BOR Bureau Of Reclamation BOR Board of Realtors (various locations) BOR Bill of Rights BOR Beginning of Recording (data storage) BOR Board Of Review BOR Biology Of Reproduction (journal) BOR Borealis BOR Bill O'Reilly (Fox news host) BOR Bed Occupancy Rate (hospitals)

Why does Bor think Odin killed his son?

Bor could sense Odin's power within the form of the demon before him, and he assumed this was the monster responsible for killing his son. Bor would soon have his revenge.

Who is Bor in Norse mythology?

Bor was among the gods that created the universe. He and his wife, Bestla, had a son and called him Odin. Bor taught his son to fight, think, rule and serve, but most importantly, Bor taught Odin how to defend the dreams of his father.

What are the different types of Bor?

BOR Brown-Out Reset (microcontrollers, PIC) BOR Business Object Repository (SAP tehnical infrastructure) BOR Broker Of Record BOR Branchiootorenal BOR Bid on Repairs (construction) BOR Basic Output Report BOR Bodies Of Revolution BOR Bunkers on Redelivery (shipping) BOR Bill of Resources BOR Basis of Review BOR

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