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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of business does Boral construction have?

Boral has industry-leading positions in fly ash processing and distribution as well as a concrete block and Denver construction materials business. In Building Products, Boral has stone, roofing, light building products and windows businesses, and a 50% share in the Meridian Brick joint venture.

How many bricks does a Boral brick make?

Each year, Boral Bricks produces in excess of 1.5 billion bricks enough to circle the globe eight times.

Where are the locations of the Boral offices?

Boral Office Locations Boral has offices in North Sydney, Camellia, Irvine, Irving and in 14 other locations

What are the three divisions of Boral Limited?

Boral Limited is an international building and construction materials group with three strong divisions - Boral Australia, USG Boral in Asia, Australasia and the Middle East and Boral North America.

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