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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a stone Boral a Dutch stone?

Created by a tight-knit group of local artisans, Dutch Quality Stone products exhibit all the unique qualities of nature in a range of dependable, easy-to-install options for residential and commercial properties.

What do you need to know about cultured stone?

Large-scale or small. Whatever your next project calls for, there’s a Cultured Stone veneer that caters to your sensibilities and budget. See the remarkable spaces others have created with Cultured Stone. Our story begins with a pair of entrepreneurial siblings back in the early 1960’s.

Who are the owners of Boral North America?

Boral North America. Boral North America brings a diverse array of premium brands under one banner to provide the highest quality architectural solutions and industry leadership in a variety of categories.

Who are the master craftsmen of cultured stone?

The master craftsmen of Cultured Stone® have embraced excellence and artistry for more than half a century, creating the finest stone products for bringing incomparable designs to reality.

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